My primary research interests are applying wearable/pervasive sensing technologies into healthcare and wellbeing research, with emphasis on wearable human motion analysis for different patients groups. Meanwhile, I am also interested in exoskeleton rehab robots and prosthetics control using wearable sensors.
Areas of expertise:
Body sensor network; embedded systems; wearable sensing; wearable robot; statistic signal processing; biomedical signal processsing; sensor fusion; bio-mechanics; machine learning; big data; gait analysis; rehabilitation.
Previous Projects Demonstrations:
- Human Robot Interaction
Humanoid robot motion imitationEMG exoskeleton hand control
- Wearable Sensor based Motion Capture
Latest versionPrevious version
- Motion Capture Applications: Stroke Rehailiation and Animation
Stroke recovery evaluationDigital animation production
- Motion Capture Applications Enabling Technologies
Accurate sensor calibrationLocation tracking
- Multiple targets tracking
Random set basedSignature-driven based